Personal Injuries

Because there are so many types of personal injury and medical malpractice claims, it can be difficult to know what type of claim you may have, or if you even have a claim at all. If you have been injured and are unsure if you have a case, the experienced attorneys at Jones Kelleher can help advise you on your rights and guide you through the process. Our trial lawyers have successfully resolved cases for victims who have suffered an injury or loss resulting from a wide variety of personal injury, medical malpractice and wrongful death claims.



The attorneys of Jones Kelleher have more than 100 years of combined experience successfully handling complex personal injury and medical malpractice matters. Our attorneys have successfully represented victims and their families in almost every type of claim including but not limited to injuries or losses sustained in incidents involving:

  • Negligent supervision of minors or employees;
  • Sexual assaults;
  • Assaults of minors, seniors or mentally challenged individuals;
  • Injuries suffered at sea, including those covered by the Jones Act; and
  • Fires and explosions.

It is our depth of experience in many kinds of unique personal injury matters that enables us to take on the most difficult cases, some involving victims or witnesses with lost memories, clients who are accused of negligent conduct that contributed to their injuries, or clients who have signed waivers or releases that only experienced lawyers knows how to defeat.


Through our many years of practice, we have developed a network of accomplished and reputable professionals across all industries including but not limited to accident reconstruction experts, engineers, medical doctors, psychologists, and economists. We trust these professionals to provide us with the critical information that is necessary to support our theory of liability and/or our calculation of damages so that we can resolve your case successfully.

Our attorneys know that utilizing technological resources is often the best way to persuasively present your case. We understand how to incorporate current trial technology in order to prove liability and we have successfully utilized the following resources in many of our personal injury claims:

  • Accident recreation software and computer-generated animations;
  • Fire and explosion recreations;
  • High-definition photos, movies and videos;
  • Models of vehicles, accident sites, and body parts in three dimensions; and
  • State-of-the-art presentation software.

Access to experts of the highest caliber and the ability to effectively utilize trial technology distinguishes Jones Kelleher from other personal injury firms. Experience has shown us that it is this distinction that can make the difference in an attorney’s ability to successfully prove liability and demonstrate damages in personal injury claims.


Our clients come to us during times of intense personal crisis, instability, and financial burden. As attorneys we take this responsibility very seriously. We know that our clients are depending upon us to resolve their cases quickly and fairly.

At Jones Kelleher we believe that a team-oriented approach allows us to deliver the best results to our clients. We evaluate each potential case as a team, using our collective knowledge to examine the facts and determine what course of action is best for you and your family. Your trial team will include at least two attorneys who have successful track records handling similar cases. Nurses and paralegals experienced in personal injury claims support our attorneys and help prepare your case for trial.

We consider our clients to be the most valuable members of our team. As a client, you will receive frequent status updates on the progress of your claim and we always welcome your calls. Our dedicated attorneys and staff are personally invested in your future and well-being and are prepared to fiercely advocate on behalf of your interests.


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